Current Disasters


Updated: 06/07/2024

At this time the Commission is currently in receipt of three federal awards where direct payments will be administered by PSMFC. 


For additional information, spend plans, and applications, click below:


Disaster2019 Norton Sound Red King Crab2019-20 Bering Sea Tanner Crab2020-21 Statewide Salmon
Declaration Requested03/12/2003/08/2103/08/21 & 09/14/21
Positive Determination06/29/2101/21/2201/22/22
State Spend Plan Submitted10/31/2204/28/2304/14/23
PSMFC Grant Application Submitted05/31/2305/31/2306/02/23
Funds Awarded by NOAA Grants05/21/2405/21/2405/21/24
Application Period Start06/07/2406/07/2406/21/24
Application Period End08/03/24 - Permit Holders08/03/24 - QS Holders, Vessel Owners, PQS Holders, & Active ProcessorsTBD
09/20/24 - Vessel Crew09/20/24 - Captains & Crew
*Anticipated Relief Disbursement09/15/24 - Permit Holders9/15/24 - QS Holders, Vessel Owners, PQS Holders, & Active ProcessorsTBD
11/17/24 - Vessel Crew11/17/24 - Captains & Crew
*Dates are subject to change as all applications must be received, issued resolved, and applications processed before any relief can be disbursed.