Washington CARES Act Information


Updated 9/4/2023


Washington’s Round 2 CARES Act relief has closed.


The Washington Dept. Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) requested a revision to the state’s CARES Act “Round 2” timeline. Upon its review of applications, PSMFC, in coordination with the agencies developing the spend plan, was obligated to follow up with applicants as necessary to clarify information and notify applicants that did not meet eligibility requirements or provide necessary certification / sufficient documentation. Washington’s spend plan originally stipulated that applicants would have 1-week from the time of notification to correct deficiencies for PSMFC’s review and final determination, after which all decisions would be final.


Due to unforeseen delays, PSMFC’s review of applications coincided with Alaska commercial salmon, sablefish, and halibut fishing seasons. Washington based entities fishing in Alaska have limited access to email and/or cell service. This has resulted in numerous companies not being able to respond with the 1-week response period. Washington State values equity and understands that this situation is by no means the fault of the fishers. The State therefore requested an extension for amendments by those affected by the situation previously stated until 5:00pm (PDT) on Friday, September 22, 2023. This will rectify the situation by providing sufficient time for the seven companies to respond as the season closes.


It is estimated that disbursement of “Round 2” funds will occur no later than Friday, October 13th, 2023. 


For questions regarding Oregon’s Round 1 or Round 2 CARES Act spend plans, please contact the ODFW at CARESfisheries@dfw.wa.gov


Washington “Round 2” Spend Plan – July 1, 2022