Updated 3/25/2022


Alaska’s Round 2 CARES Act relief is not yet available


Alaska’s “Round 2” spend plan was approved on 10/26. The Commission is currently drafting applications. It is anticipated that “Round 2” applications will become available in the second quarter of 2022.; applicants will need to know their Round 1 relief amounts in order to apply for Round 2 funds.   

Additional guidance will become available once applications have been finalized and approved by ADF&G staff.  For more information regarding Alaska’s Round 1 or Round 2 spend plans, please contact the ADF&G.  Please, if not already doing so, continue to monitor our website for updates. This will be our primary source for publicizing information and updates.

Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 Relief for Fisheries Participants Final Spend Plan – October 30, 2021


Alaska’s Round 1 application period has closed to all sectors

Relief checks for Alaska’s Round 1 have been mailed. 

Commercial Harvesters  –                $3,208.00 per share  

Sport Fishing Charter  –                    $10,895.15  per share  

Seafood Processing Sector  –           $101,927.62 per share  

Subsistence Users  –                            $380.68 per share  

Please note the share price was calculated using the total number of eligible shares within a sector divided by the total amount of available funding. Individual payments may be smaller based upon your calculated absolute loss (maximum relief amount) or due to additional funding as a carryover from those limited by their absolute losses.