2017-19 California Pacific Sardine:

Applications were mailed on October 12th, 2021 to 2016-17 and/or 2018-19 Federal West Coast Pelagic Species (CPS) Limited Entry Permit holders.

Additionally, California Dept. Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Fish Business license holder who were licensed in 2017, 2018, and/or 2019 that received Sardine from CPS LE permit holders between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2016 were mailed applications on October 12th, 2021. 

The application is required to be postmarked no later than November 29th, 2021. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON

Those who believe they should have received an application but did not may contact PSMFC at 1-866-990-2735 or FishDisaster@psmfc.org